Slowly moving on

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here so I think it’s time for an update.

Divorce stuff first.  Not much movement on that front at all.  The first court hearing was to do with the children only and I now have one weekend in four at home with the children.  The second hearing was postponed because my soon to be ex (I hope!) had not got any defences put in.  He was given a second chance and still nothing got put in.  He’s now apparently accepted that I can buy him out of the house but was advised to get a surveyor report.  That didn’t get organised by him, in the end it was organised via the solicitors and with me giving the surveyor access to the house.  I still haven’t seen a copy of the report although I am supposed to get one any day now and should have already got it.  In the meantime the legal processes have been paused.  In the meantime I am still leaving the house three weekends out of four for the children to have their dad with them in the house.  At least I now get one weekend in four at home with the kids.  This time last year I was spending my weekends at my parents sleeping on their sofa bed.  At least that has changed.  I now spend my weekends away from home with Neil because he moved to Glasgow.

Healthwise I think I may be finally improving a bit.  Last summer I was off work for 2 months due to stress and anxiety.  During that time I was put on anti-depressants.  I’m still on them but I’ve recently been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid.  The symptoms of this include increasing tiredness, dry skin, gaining weight and depression.  It has been a relief to discover that there is something physically wrong that may be causing many of my problems and that can be easily helped.  I’ve been put on a low dose of thyroxin to start with and am already noticing a difference.  It is likely to be a few months before the dosage is correct but in the meantime things are beginning to improve.

Spiritually I have been having some interesting experiences while out and about visiting places with Neil since last summer.  We have found that together we are experiencing things in new and different ways.  In my case Neil seems to open a door or channel for me to connect much more deeply with the presences in the Land than I ever thought I could.  Some of these experiences have been a bit overwhelming and if I’d been on my own I would have found them very unsettling.  With Neil there supporting me though I am able to open myself up to these experiences knowing I am completely safe.  I don’t have to rely on myself alone but can lean on him for support.  It’s an amazing feeling for me.  Part of what occurs with me is a wordless exchange of emotions and energies.  It’s rather hard to explain but often I am left feeling a bit weak from the surge of energies that rise in me and are released through me.  Some of the energy comes from me but some of it I am a channel for and Neil is very much a part of the process.  The most powerful of these experiences have taken place within stone circles, other places I seem to get a very strong exchange of energies are waterfalls.  We are both still trying to get a better understanding of what is happening between us with these connections and at the moment we don’t really know why it’s happening but it seems to be needed in some way by the Spirits within the Land.

So there you are.  Some changes and developments but some things are still moving more slowly than I had hoped they would.  With luck though that will change over the next few months.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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