I am a polytheist, a Heathen and a Hearth Druid. I consider myself to be Scottish, Glaswegian to be specific, although my accent remains that of someone whose earliest years were in the South of England.  I refer to myself as a Hearth Druid because my path is focused on my home and family.

I’m a self diagnosed and peer recognised autistic mum to two autistic children, one boy and one girl six years apart. My son (the eldest) has a fine appreciation of science fiction and fantasy books and also enjoys Anime, role-playing and computer games. My daughter is now in her teens and also developing an appreciation of Anime and role-playing. She loves being the centre of attention and gives killer hugs.

My wonderful partner and I were married on the summer solstice 2016 on the banks of Loch Lomond with our nearest and dearest with us.

On this blog I will share a range of things as they crop up in my life, as I am moved to write. These will include druidry, heathenry, my polytheist practice and occasionally things related to being totally Ausome!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love the idea of a druidry focused on home and family. 🙂 It was fun to hear about your kids, too. I have a couple teenagers myself.

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  2. Yes, I completely get it! Hearth Druid, perfect name for focusing your energies on that. I home ed my two youngest daughters, and we spend a lot of time in our local area, appreciating the wonder of the landscape of Shropshire. Lovely to read your words, thank you for sharing them,


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