A Virtual Shrine

I dedicate this online space to many gods and otherworldly beings. In particular I dedicate this space to those deities I honour in my practices; to the Herd Mothers, Epona and Rhiannon; to Maponos; to Gofannon; to An Chailleach; to Brigantia; to Manannan; to Loki; to Rán and to Ægir.

May I think clearly,
May I speak truly,
May my heart be filled with compassion for all beings.

My main altar
Image of my main home altar
Water beings shrine
Image of my shrine to water beings

A prayer for those reading this page

This I wish to ask,
This I wish to offer,
I’d just like to say
That this is what I pray for.
May your life be blessed
With true peace and happiness.
May your life be free
Of the troubles that we see.
May your life be blessed
With true peace and happiness.
May your life fill only with joy.

A prayer for the dying

May you feel the presence of love about you
May you take your journey onwards without fear
I ask that your gods watch over you
I ask that your beloved ancestors come to guide you
I pray that you know peace.

A prayer for those grieving

I pray you have the strength you need at this time
I pray that you have someone supporting you
I pray you have the space to cry when you need to
I pray you have the time to remember with love
May you know you are not alone in your grief
May you find your pain a little easier to live with each day
May your gods and ancestors watch over you
And may you be comforted.


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