I am now…

I am the listener in the darkness.
I am comfort in times of stress.
I am a shoulder to cry upon and a voice to laugh with.

I am a song of grief and pain.
I am the scream of anger and loss.
I am the silence when words can not be found.

I am safety from your fears.
I am the seed of trust reborn.
I am the love of soul’s sibling and heart’s friend.

I have become what I am now.

Sink into Darkness

Sink deep,
Sink into darkness.

Embrace me,
Embrace my silence.

Trust me,
Trust me to catch you.

Let it go.
Cry, scream and shudder.

Sing to me!

Sing your pain.
Sing your fears.
Sing your sorrows.

Give it all to me
And let me breathe through you.

Let me live through you.

Witchtober prompt 2: Hedge Witch

They reach for the twig
Tangled in their hair
As they straighten.

They mutter as they tuck it
Into the canvas bag
Hanging from their shoulder.

I don't think they know
That they have mud
Smeared on their face.

"Isn't it beautiful?"
They ask with wonder
Sparkling in their eyes.

I look at the hawthorn
With it's deep red haws
And rich dark leaves.

"Yes," I agree "but we should go."
They gaze longingly
At the tangled hedge.

"But perhaps not with your guest."
I say pointing at the spider
Resting on their sleeve.

They whisper "Thank you,
But you are needed here."
And gently move the spider.

We gaze in awe
At the jewelled webs
As we return to our hearth.

For my Friends

I wish I could tell you
I'll fix this
For I hate to see you in pain.

I wish I could tell you 
I'll sort it
And make it better again.

I don't have the power
To mend this
But please don't suffer alone.

I can't wave a wand
And dispel it
Nor weave my spells as a crone.

But I'll listen to all
You share with me
As you fight to change your life.

And I'll cheer you on
From my corner
As you overcome each strife.


Are they in the rich, fertile soil
Or the dry, dusty ground?

Do you see them in the deep gleam of her eyes
Or the subtle glow of his skin?

Are they rough like tree bark
Or smooth as chocolate?

Do they squelch like mud
Or whisper like grains of sand?

Are they soft as cats fur
Or hard as horses hooves?

Or perhaps they come with tentacles…

For Tom and Nimue.

Imbolc Memories

Images of Imbolcs past flood my mind.

Woken early, a gift of chocolates.

A simple ceremony in a local park.

Guesting with a coven, the smell of my hair burning!

Chanting to honour Brigid

Our Lucy pours out the offering of milk

Flames of hope shared in the cold

Warm drinks after shared in the warmth.

Long conversations of the Brighids in the past.


A Mantle of Love

I wrap a mantle of love around you
Love from friends
Love from family
Love from far and near.

I wrap a mantle of love around you
Love that protects
Love that nurtures
Most of all, love that supports.

I wrap a mantle of love around you
Love from hopes
Love from joys
Love through pain and sorrow.

I wrap a mantle of love around you
I leave it in your care.

For Nimue.


Love doesn’t have to be a close thing
Of bodies touching, writhing.

Love doesn’t have to be returned
To still be felt heart deep.

Love can reach across oceans,
Drift with winds over mountains
And into valleys.

Love has many tastes and yet none,
Many textures, sounds and colours
Yet is indescribable.

Love is simple and yet so very complex,
Strong yet so very fragile.

Love is in my mind and in my soul.
Love doesn’t have to be a close thing.

By Potia.

Sweet Darkness

Sweet Darkness will you hold me?
Let me rest in your embrace?
The day is harsh and painful
Please hide my tear streaked face.

Gentle Darkness will you hold me?
Let me feel your soothing touch?
My heart is sore, my head is full,
I need your peace so much.

I know that I can find you
When the moon has gone away.
In star lit skies I see you
Until the break of day.

Now dawn begins Her journey
She starts to paint the sky.
Sweet Darkness I must leave you
For in daylight you are shy.

And I must walk in sunlight
Beneath the painful glare,
Where other people judge me,
But some of them still care.

Gentle Darkness I will find you
When day retreats from night.
I’ll rest within your presence,
Find strength again to fight.

By Potia