Witchtober prompt 2: Hedge Witch

They reach for the twig
Tangled in their hair
As they straighten.

They mutter as they tuck it
Into the canvas bag
Hanging from their shoulder.

I don't think they know
That they have mud
Smeared on their face.

"Isn't it beautiful?"
They ask with wonder
Sparkling in their eyes.

I look at the hawthorn
With it's deep red haws
And rich dark leaves.

"Yes," I agree "but we should go."
They gaze longingly
At the tangled hedge.

"But perhaps not with your guest."
I say pointing at the spider
Resting on their sleeve.

They whisper "Thank you,
But you are needed here."
And gently move the spider.

We gaze in awe
At the jewelled webs
As we return to our hearth.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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