Dreams that feel significant

I woke this morning from an unusual dream which feels significant. In this dream I was at some sort of gathering somewhere rural with nice front garden and driveway. It was at the end of this gathering and Neil and I were walking down the drive on the way out. Andy and Helen Guthrie drew level with us, we hadn’t known they were there. Andy have me a hug, as he usually would, then he looked at me and said: “The salmon aren’t spawning properly.” We said something like we hadn’t known that and Neil left to check on this. Andy went on to say there were 14 areas where the salmon weren’t spawning properly. Then I woke up. 

This felt like a significant dream. I’ve never dreamt of Andy before, or Helen come to that. And what he said initially was so clear. Does it mean there are serious problems with our rivers? Possibly, the gods know we put enough shite into the world to cause all sorts of problems. But I don’t think it’s that simple. Andy, as those who knew him will know, was a teller of Celtic stories and myths, he knew these myths in his blood and bones. To those who know Celtic symbols the Salmon is a symbol of wisdom and inspiration and there are a few tales of those who sought the Salmon of wisdom only for another to receive its gift. Could this dream have something to do with the sharing or seeking of knowledge, wisdom or inspiration?

What are you seeking? What are you sharing? Have you gradually drawn in as I have or have you been reaching out? What does it mean to you that the Salmon aren’t spawning properly? And what of the 14 areas Andy spoke of, what are they?

Sometimes dreams feel bigger than just for you. Sometimes you need to share them.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

4 thoughts on “Dreams that feel significant”

  1. Dear Potia,
    I see your dream as warning of pending and certain environmental disaster! The Salmon not spawning, is already of great concern Worldwide, with Scotland one of the 14 worst affected areas. Though the Salmon are merely the tip of the iceberg…
    With respect,
    Maddo . (Animist Druid)


  2. This is indeed a powerful dream. Warning, alarm, wake-up call. It seems to have many layers. Rivers in danger and compromised by run offs of all sorts of stuff that don’t belong in them and the wildlife suffering. Also, since the Salmon represents Wisdom are we ignoring the Old Wisdoms and the Wise Ones who carry that knowing in their very bones and being. Much to ponder here and I’m grateful for you sharing this ‘big dream’. x


  3. I think you are right about the wisdom and knowledge bit. I’m sure it has to do with that. But one area where we seem to lack wisdom is in what we can do that is really effective to turn the ecological disaster around. So maybe it’s both of these things…


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