Marked by Gofannon

In late January I took part in an online conference about Brighid. I will write more about that another time but during one of sessions there was a meditation that led to Brighid at a forge deep in the land. My experience during that meditation was a little different. I met two smiths in that forge and one was Gofannon. He didn’t tell me his name but then neither of them spoke to me much. He held me steady while Brighid pulled from me what was needed to be reworked. He was working at one area of the forge and She was at another but it was clear that this was a shared space for them.

The material Brighid pulled from me was reworked and then placed back inside me in three parts. One band for each of three cauldrons within me. Gofannon again held me steady while Brighid placed these bands within me.

While this forging was taking place though Gofannon placed a band round my upper right arm. It was about an inch wide and copper. I knew it was fairly simple in design but couldn’t make it out clearly. I felt it though. I felt it so very clearly and in the days since that experience I have felt it again and again. So this week I decided to try and find a physical version of this arm band.

I looked in a few places online but couldn’t find anything at the right sort of size that looked even close. Upper arm bands in copper that I found were either simple very narrow bands or elegant twists and spirals, not at all what I was seeking. The closest items were wrist bands and I needed something larger. One of the crafts people I looked at was RuneCastCopper and I’d seen their work in one of the Asatru UK Facebook group that I am a member of so I contacted them. I wanted to get something made by a fellow polytheist if I could manage it. Fortunately they are happy to make a piece for me and today, a Thursday which is the day I devote to Gofannon, I made the payment for this commission.

What was placed round my arm by Gofannon is being given a physical manifestation. Soon I will have a devotional item of jewellery for Gofannon to wear on Thursdays just as on other days I have items of jewellery dedicated to other deites.



Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

6 thoughts on “Marked by Gofannon”

  1. This was truly a sacred experience for you. It will be very special indeed to have the copper arm band to wear as part of your devvotions to Gofannon. Brighid has been very busy recently. I missed the online conference, but have had couple of intense encounters about which I’ll email you.


  2. It sounds like you got a good deal out of Gemma McGowan’s meditation. To be honest I didn’t connect with it that well, but then I’m not always good at following guided meditations and don’t have a strong relationship with Brighid. I haven’t had much dealing with Gofannon, but have had visions of him in a volcano forging away and received the gnosis he is some sense the ‘forger of the world’ and that Brigantia/Brighid is a ‘forger of souls’. So very interesting that you found them working the forge together. And amazing to hear about your arm band. Good luck with manifesting it. I’d love to see it once it has been created 🙂


  3. The forging of a copper armband to give substance to the one placed around your arm by Gofannon is a perfect expression of devotional practice. Wonderful to hear about it!


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