To be or not to be an author…

I am already an author here on this blog, I’ve also written articles that have been published in the Pagan Dawn magazine in the past.  I am currently musing on the idea of writing a book.  I had tentative ideas of writing a book once before on urban druidry.  That never came to pass and others have written books on forms of urban paganism since that time.  If I go forward this time though it would be something on being a (mostly) Brythonic polytheist.  Brython have plans to write and produce a primer that would cover various aspects of Brythonic polytheism.  I don’t want to write something like that though and frankly I don’t think my scholarship is up to that type of book although I’d probably make a good draft reader for the project if they get that far.  If I do write something, and I’m really not sure if I will, it is likely to be more personal and experiential.

I’ve been on my path as a pagan for a little over twenty years now.  I started learning about druidry with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids  (OBOD) in March 1998. I have grown and developed in that time as you would expect and so has my path.  In the last decade I have developed much more of a Brythonic polytheist practice.  In that time I’ve gone through a number of personal changes as well that have affected all aspects of my life.

We are at a time when books about various polytheist paths are gradually increasing.  Is it time for one on what it is to walk a mostly Brythonic polytheist path?

But why would I write this? For the gods or for my own sense of ego? Probably a bit of both but is the balance right?  Would I do this more for the gods and to give others signposts for their journeys?

And would it be something others would want to read?

I think I could do this but should I?  And if I did would it even get published, be read by others, be enjoyed?

More questions than answers.  I’d welcome thoughts from readers of this blog about this.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

4 thoughts on “To be or not to be an author…”

  1. I always feel you should follow your instincts. If you can formulate a plan, write several pointers, sections you would like to include and then still feel you have a good amount of background then go for it. My publishers Whyte Tracks are very friendly and encouraging. Annemarie Jenson I am sure would be pleased to take a look.

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  2. The more we can get the Brythonic polytheist approach in the public domain and our devotional practice, from whatever angle, better known, the more we can enhance that practice for our own development and, of course, for the gods.

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  3. I think a book on Brythonic polytheism from your personal experiential perspective would be great. To be honest I struggle with writing the academic stuff too and can only really do it passionately if I’ve been driven to to do the research through an experience. I think it would be a really valuable contribution to the pagan and polytheist communities and great to get the word about the Brythonic gods out there as they are sooooo badly ignored!

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  4. You already know your answer, for I read it in your words. Just be sure when it’s ready to be published that you let me know. I know 6 here that will definitely make the purchase and that includes myself.


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