New beginnings

Yesterday was a full moon and the summer solstice.  It was also my wedding day.  Today I want to share the vows I made to my husband, Neil, with those friends and family who couldn’t be with us for a range of different reasons including our need to restrict numbers.

I, Pauline Claire, take you Neil, to be my husband in the eyes of the law and of all present here, seen and unseen.

There is nothing I want more than to share the rest of my life with you as my closest friend, my lover and my partner in all things.

I promise to share my worries and concerns with you, even the silly ones, openly and honestly. I promise to share my hopes and dreams with you.

I promise to do my best to always listen to your worries and concerns with an open heart. I promise to do my part in making your hopes and dreams a reality.

I promise to be faithful to you, I give myself to you as you give yourself to me.

You are my rock and my shelter and I value your support more than I can say. You bring joy to my heart.

I will be the best partner and friend to you that I can be.

I love you deeply with every part of my being.

I say these words and make these vows in the presence of our families and friends, before the powers of earth, sea and sky and in the presence of my gods.


Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

6 thoughts on “New beginnings”

    1. It was a very moving ceremony which we were priveleged to be a part of. Good to be able to read the vows to be reminded of it.

      Now looking down at Ross Priory from the other side of the loch!


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