Recently I’ve been thinking about having something new added to my ritual wear to symbolise something of where I am now in my spiritual journey.  I had been thinking about trying to embroider something on my robes but to be honest I’m not sure my embroidery skills are really up to it.  While chatting about this the other day with my partner Neil he suggested I get something made up and after a bit of chatting I decided a handmade custom belt by SkyRavenWolf would be the way to go.
I had a few ideas of what symbols I wanted to include but now I had a reason to make some decisions about what I wanted to include and what those symbols would mean to me. I ended up with six symbols that were the most important to me and each one has layers of meaning for me.  The symbols I chose are:

  • Briar rose
  • Rowan with berries
  • Raven
  • Horse
  • Roe Deer
  • Cauldron.

Each symbol has meanings linked to my family and home. Each symbol also has a layer of meanings tied to spiritual beings or ideas.  And I can also position them on a six spoked wheel as if I was in the centre and the wheel was the horizon about me, when drawn that’s with one spoke going horizontally or East-West.
While I was a member of Brython a six-spoked wheel was adopted as the symbol of Brython.  There were a few reasons for this which I won’t bother going into now as Brython is effectively no more.   I adopted this symbol for my own and included it in my first ever (and currently only) tattoo.  Now I can add my own six symbols to the meaning of that wheel.
The layers of meanings work out as follows starting with the East:

  • Cauldron – my hearth and home – Brigantia – East – Equinox sun rise and full moon rise
  • Horse – myself – Epona – South-east – Midwinter sunrise and gibbous waning moonrise
  • Rowan – my son – ancestors – South-west – Midwinter sunset and waning crescent moonrise
  • Raven – Neil – Cailleach – West – Equinox sunset and full moon set
  • Briar rose – my daughter – descendants – North-west – Midsummer sunset and waxing crescent moon rise
  • Roe deer – my local area – Maponus  – North-East – Midsummer sunrise and waxing gibbous moon rise

So there you have it, personal symbols and associated meanings.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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