Those of you that keep an eye on my blog may be wondering about the silence here recently.  It’s simple really – life!

I’m separating from husband and intend to get divorced.  I never thought I’d do that but you change and sometimes those changes are more drastic that you ever would have expected.  Needless to say it is a stressful process but one I feel I have made the right choice about even though it is hard.

My wonderful and autistic son has recently changed schools from a mainstream primary into an autistic unit connected to another primary school.  On the whole he does like his new school but there have been difficulties too.  It’s early days though and I’m hopeful that things will settle down a bit more as he gets more familiar with the way things are done at his new school.

My darling daughter is being much better at nursery school this year which is a relief but there are times when she pushes things too.  She’s developing quite a knowledge of Spanish via the Dora the Explorer TV programme and can count to ten in English, Spanish and German.  I think she may prove to be much better at languages than her mummy 🙂

And then there’s work which is not being as stressful as it has been at times in the past for me personally but it’s not an easy time for most Universities right now and the one I am both a graduate and an employee of is no exception.

What one thing and another I often don’t have the energy to even start to write something for this blog.  And recently when I have had the energy I haven’t been able to find the words.  Today seems to be an exception.

Hopefully things will get better soon.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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