Time flies when you’re having fun?

I think time flies when you are simply busy regardless of the fun aspect and I have been busy.  I’ve been busy with the children ad household chores in the week and I keep busy at weekends visiting places and people.  I’m not one to sit around brooding and feeling sorry for myself in general although, like most people, I sometimes fall into that kind of mood too.

Castlerigg at the midsummer weekend was lovely.  The place was pretty busy even though we were there fairly early in the day.  There was one other person who lingered there as long as we did.  He must have decided that when it was just us the place was as quiet as it would get as he approached the outside of the circle and started to empty out some ashes.  He didn’t say anything to us.  I wish he had, we would have given him whatever space he needed or joined him in honouring whoever it was if he wished.  As it was I was moved to sing a chant I have sung for those who have recently died.  It’s a Gaelic Fonn from the Céili Dé and one I learnt from one of the CDs some time ago and the words “Sirim Soillse…Sir…Sir” mean “Seek/ask/yearn for the light” according to their information and while it’s not mentioned as used for this sort of thing by the Céili Dé it feels right to me to use it this way. I hope the person casting the ashes felt it was appropriate.  

A little while later I saw a rook sitting on the wall of the field the stone circle was in.  It seemed to be waiting for me to draw closer and when I did it sat there staring at me.  As I looked at it my vision blurred and it seemed to me as if there was something this bird was trying to impart to me but I couldn’t understand it at the time.  Eventually it flew off towards the north west and as I walked round the area once more before leaving I had a sudden flash of realisation that maybe the message was the spirit of whoever it was that I had sung for saying thank you.

The following day I got to visit Long Meg.  The energies at that site were completely different and very powerful.  It’s a large site and not the easiest to find but close to the road, in fact it has a path running through the site which is a bit of a shame.  It’s still well worth visiting though.

In between that weekend and now I’ve also been on outings with the kids including their first camping experience.  I must admit to having felt a bit nervous about taking two young children camping by myself even for just the one night especially as I just didn’t know how they would react to it all.  We went Monday night because the weather was supposed to be good and would probably be getting worse later in the week according to the long range forecasts.  I booked a pitch at the Culzean Castle camping site in advance and had picked this site for three reasons.  The first was that it’s not much over an hour to travel to, the second is that it’s in a lovely area and the third is that I had been told that the Camping and Caravanning Club sites are kept to a good standard.  I’m not a member yet but many of their sites are open to non-members too and I have to say that I am very impressed so far.  The site was very nice with good facilities and the staff there were friendly and helpful.  The trip went well and the kids had a lovely time.  The rain started coming in a bit earlier Tuesday morning than I had hoped so we didn’t stay in the area after breakfast but packed up and came home.

Today, Wednesday, it’s raining pretty heavily again but it should be a fairly quiet day.  I’m thinking of taking my boy to a film tomorrow afternoon if my parents are ok to look after Rose while we go to the cinema.  I don’t think she’d sit still in a cinema and the film Rowan wants to see isn’t suitable for younger children.

I also have some shamanic style journeying work to do but such things have to wait until the evenings when the kids are in bed and by then I’m often feeling too tired for journeying.  And then there’s a book on shamanic practices to be read and blog posts to write when I can get a turn on the computer…

It’s a busy life 🙂

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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