Finding the way to the realm of the dead

Last week I did a shamanic style journey with the intention of trying to take the first steps into the realm of the dead.  I wasn’t intending to go in far, just an initial exploratory journey to see if I could make it there at all.

It was successful in some ways and yet has also shown me that I need to do further work elsewhere before I attempt to return.  I have discovered that while Thunderer can and will come into the cave and down the passage to the realm of the dead with me he will not cross the bridge.  Not only that but I have learnt that I may not cross that bridge myself unless I am riding one who can carry me there or am wearing protection.  To me as the name of the person crossing is etching into that mighty bronze span they are bound in some way to that land so if I cross without the right protection I will not return without losing something of myself.

Before we went down to the realm of the dead Thunderer did lead me to another who can and will guide me there and for this first short trip was willing to let me ride on his back but it’s been made clear to me that he won’t allow that often.  So I did get to cross the bridge and stand briefly on the other side.  In the distance in one direction I could see high walls with gates of bones. There were other things in other directions but I could not see them clearly.  The light there to me was that of dusk or twilight with the reddish glow of a setting or rising sun and it’s difficult to see details in that sort of light.  I didn’t go much further than the other side of the bridge and soon returned.  To me also the black river maybe wide but it’s also far below the bridge in a deep chasm.

I have been told who it is I must seek out to gain the right protection to travel further and it’s not a being I have a relationship with at the present.  I know of him but if I am to go back to that realm I must seek him out and ask him for protection.  That may well come with a price too.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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