Vivid dream – Field trips

This morning I woke up from one of the most vivid dreams I have had for a long time.  I was part of a large group of people being prepared to go on a field trip to some far off and possibily dangerous place.  We were split into smaller groups for a team building/training exercise in the hills somewhere.  It could  have been Scotland or Wales from the type of terrain and flora I was seeing in this dream.  Hills and rocky gullys with heathers, brackens and long wet grasses with some shrubby wind swept trees dotted around.  Each group as well as camping equipment, food and some drinking water was issued with a number of samples we had to keep safe on the exercise.  Most of these were plants but my group also had some sort of weird red globe thing that had legs like a spider and when it moved made me jump and give a little shriek to the amusement of the others in the group.  Needless to say I wasn’t entrusted with any samples to carry 🙂

Each group had a route to follow and rough map.  We were all told there was something to investigate along the way but not what and off we went into the hills. 

The group I was with came up towards a large house in the middle of nowhere.  A dog came down towards us and made a fuss of us with a lot of barking.  It was a smallish dog with a short coat and a curly tail (from some pictures I’ve just been looking at I’d say it was probably a pug or pug cross-breed).  Anyway this dog clearly wanted someone to let it into the house so the others continued on and I was asked to try and find the owner of the property and let them know we were aorund and would be camping nearby if that was ok with them.  I went in and found the owner in a large kitchen.  The person was under what seemed to be a large stove or range clearly doing some sort of maintenance and was wearing a grey overall and black wellies.  Next to them on a shelf in the bottom of this stove was a tray of dog biscuits of various shapes and colours including charcoal ones.  The person slid out and stood up, it was a fairly tall rangy looking woman with shoulder length grey hair in a bob style.  She seemed to have been expecting us and was perfectly happy for us to camp near by.  She told me that there were some ruins near by which we may want to look at.  I asked if they have been excavated by archaeologists before and she said they had.  I them asked if there were copies of any notes kept in the house and she smiled and said there were and that we would be welcome to come and look through things.

From the kitchen window I could see the edge of some ruins up the hill a little and I could see that the others in the group had found them and were already looking round.  I went out the back door towards the ruins and the rest of the group and passed on the news that the owner was happy for us to stay and that there were things to look at inside.  As I got closer I could see that the ruins looked to be Roman but with some odd statues.

At that point the alarm clock went off and I woke up.

I’ve never been on a field trip anywhere so have no idea if anything I was doing was even vaguely realistic.  The detail in the dream was very odd.  I’ve not had anything like that for a long time and I’ve come to expect that on the rare occasions when I do get dreams that vivid there is some kind of message within them although there maybe something much simpler at work in this case.

There was only one other person in that dream that I recognised and that was Lee who is shortly about to travel off to far off climes on a field trip.  So if there’s a message in that dream maybe it was just that I’m thinking of him and hoping it all goes well. 

All very odd though.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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