Druid Network membership – to renew or not?

I’m posting this here because I want opinions.  I know that some of you that may be reading this have strong feelings about the Druid Network but I am asking that you put those feelings aside as much as possible and help me come to a decision about whether or not to renew my own membership to the Druid Network.

The terms of membership include the following words:

“As a member, you are asked to :

– respect the beliefs and practices of other members, even when their way seems very different from your own
– refrain from aggressive, judgmental or otherwise offensive behaviour or language towards other members
– be a positive expression of Druidry and The Druid Network”

I’ve no major problem with the first one as I strive to behave with respect towards those with different opinions to myself even if I do think they are nuts.  I’ve no problems about the second one as I try not to offend people generally although I guess any time you express an opinion you are making a judgement on something.  I’ even think I can be a positive expression of the Druid Network as although I may not agree with everything they do on the whole I think they do a good job and if I’m a member I’m not going to be slagging them off.  But I have to question whether I can be a positive expression of Druidry?  If this is assumed to be Druidry as currently defined by the constitution then I guess I can do this as the definition is broad enough to include just about anyone but that isn’t stated.  I don’t consider myself to be a druid.  I don’t consider my current practices to be Druidry so how can I be a positive expression of it?

Can I in honour renew membership to an organisation that asks me these things?  Or am I just nit-picking here?  I’m pretty sure that the trustees of the network wouldn’t have a problem with me renewing but that’s not the point.  The point is can I do so given my own feelings about my path now?

Comments and opinions appreciated.  I’m not asking anyone to tell me what to do but I do need help in working through this and coming to a decision.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

4 thoughts on “Druid Network membership – to renew or not?”

  1. It certainly doesn't state you should be a Druid role model. If it did then there would probably be at least one less trustee… Druidry is an act and an aspiration – to me at least – but doesn't call for established credentials nor that one takes or accepts a title. I hope you re-join Potia.


  2. I've allowed my membership to lapse. It's a personal thing and I'm by no means suggesting you follow my example, but I find a conflict in the requirement to “be a positive expression of Druidry” and the idea that membership be open to all strands of paganism. I retain my affiliation with the BDO because, well, it's kinda loose 🙂 but that requirement, plus historic attacks in the forum along the lines of “if you're not a Druid, what are you doing here” left me feeling that it was time to move on.


  3. My membership has lapsed & I have no intention of renewing. This is a harsh observation & not a whinge BTW. The TDN offers me nothing other than an organisation that I'm mainly at odds with, there are no resources or activities of interest or that I cannot obtain elsewhere.

    So, the questions to ask yourself are;

    What does the membership provide for me?

    What benefits do you receive by being a member?

    And What, if any. is the point of your membership?

    The answers to these questions will determine your decision


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