Devotions to Maponos

I wrote before about plans for devotions in honour of Maponos.  I had some lovely experiences visiting a local nature reserve and the ponds there.  I made offerings of breadcrumbs to the wildlife and birds around the ponds and I spent a bit of time each visit clearing rubbish from the area.  On the first visit I saw a fox and a pair of roe deer (one stag and one doe I think although they were in the distance a bit so I’m not sure).  On the second visit a roe deer stag stepped out on the path a little way ahead of me when I was starting to walk home.  He paused and looked straight at me for what felt like a few minutes before walking on.  On a third visit there were two swans in the pond, possibly a pair but I’m not sure.

When I couldn’t make it to the nature reserve pond or a pond in another park I made offerings in the back garden but it didn’t feel the same.

About three of weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something else that was easier to fit in regardless of weather and family commitments.  The problem was that I couldn’t think of anything.  Then suddenly it came to me – a cold finish to a shower.  So the next Sunday after I had washed my hair and enjoyed a nice hot shower I braced myself and turned the temperature down.  I did not like this!  Each time I turned to allow the cold water to reach another part of me I gasped.  I couldn’t take much of it the first time probably less than a minute but the second week I forced myself to remain in the cold water for a slow count of 60.  The third week I stayed under a little bit longer.  My aim is to work up to three to five minutes in cold water but just on Sundays.

Why cold water showers?  Well among other possible attributes for Maponos are healing and links to pools.  Most natural pools are cold and cold water therapy is recognised to have beneficial effects on the immune system.  Plus I’m not that keen on doing it which for me makes the offering stronger.  And doing this on Sundays links to the solar attributes of Maponos.  To be honest given the way it occurred to me and how it makes me feel I also think he may find it amusing.

So there you are a simple and highly personal way to honour Maponos – I wonder if it will catch on 😉

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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