Thoughts on blogging

Recently on a blog I adore reading the author asked for feedback on what we readers would like to see more of on his blog and as is often the case with the blogs I read this got me thinking.  While you may think it would be better to reply on that blog I find I can’t express things clearly enough to write a short reply.  Instead I am going to ramble a bit on here to try and clarify my thoughts.

So why do I read blogs and in particular the ones I follow regularly?  I read them because I like them, they make me think and I learn things from them.  I love reading but I don’t like reading text books.  The books I read are mainly for escapism and light hearted enjoyment.  I do read the odd book that makes me think but most of the time when I pick up a book I want to be entertained for a while. 

Reading blogs however, is for me like indulging in a really good quality chocolate.  They are often brief moments of intensly rich experiences laden with meanings.  I couldn’t read blogs all the time but I love being able to read a little every day from my favourite authors.  Drip by drip I am learning different things from these people who share so much of themselves in their blogs.  Some inspire me in my personal practices, some add to my knowledge of myth and story, and others allow me to gain new experiences through their eyes.  I love them all.  I don’t necessarily like everything my favourite bloggers write but that’s not the point.  The point is that whatever their reasons for writing what they do, I learn from them because they help me to think about things in different ways and they show me new things (well, new to me anyway). The authors also show something of their personalities in their blogs as I do in mine and I love them for that.

So why do I blog?  Part of it is simply to help me clarify my own thoughts on things and I guess part of it’s about trying to give a little something back to those I feel connected to.  I don’t think my offerings are likely to help you, my readers, learn much but maybe I can provide a different perspective for you sometimes.  Maybe sometimes I can write something that entertains or inspires you.  And maybe for those that blog, if you start questioning why you bother you can look at this post and reconnect with some of the reasons others read your blogs and hopefully feel that perhaps it is worthwhile after all 🙂

So to those whose blogs I read on a regular basis and who chose to read mine may I take this opportunity of saying a huge thank you for what you write.  I may not comment very often but I love being able to read the things you choose to share.  In sharing what you do you are helping this blogger expand in knowledge and experience and it is greatly appreciated.

To anyone reading my blog I hope that sometimes what I write helps you in some small way and that you enjoy reading as much as I have come to enjoy blogging.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on blogging”

  1. APC is always a delight to read, Potia: thank you for it. I'm like you: I often work out what I think via the process of writing.


  2. I subscribe to your posts and, like you, I enjoy reading the blogs of others – much more than writing my own – for the same reasons you mention. I just learn so much about myself and others. Sometimes the lesson is important, sometimes fun, but always worthwhile.


  3. Always nice to call in and see what you are thinking. And when it's someone you've met, it becomes more like a community of absent friends.


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