Midsummer reflections

My midsummer celebrations began on Friday the 18th with a half day off work during which I went to the hairdresser.  For many of you I am sure this will seem like a very ordinary thing to do but I hadn’t been to a good hairdresser for a very, very  long time.  In fact I can’t really remember when I last went to a hairdresser of any kind for anything more than a basic trim.  I think it might have been for my mum’s wedding 10 years ago. 
Here are the results

There’s also a blue streak at the back part way down rather than from the top.  This was also a reward to myself for getting healthier and getting down to a certain weight.  I am still working on loosing more weight but I’ve done pretty well so far.  My next reward is a tattoo!
On the afternoon of Sunday 20th I was in Pollok Park with a group of local Pagans for an open summer solstice ritual.  There are a small number of us that take it in turns to write and lead the ceremonies and this time it was my turn.  I forgot to count but I think we had about 20 folks there some of whom were new and others had been along to other rituals in Pollok Park.  It was a hot sunny day, perfect for a solstice celebration.  Everything went well and everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves.  After the ritual those who are able to go to the cafe in the Burrell Collection building for something to eat and drink and a good chat.
That evening at dusk I went outside into my back garden and quietly offered a triple toast to Maponos, the summer solstice and the tribe of Brython knowing that several  others would also be offering a similar triple toast at some stage that evening.
I had been asked the week before if someone in the family could come along with my son’s class for their school trip on Monday 21st.   After talking to my mum about it we agreed that it made the most sense if I took the day off and went so I also had the solstice day off work.  This time though I was spending it in the company of a large number of excited primary school kids as we went to Blair Drummond Safari Park.  A good time was had by all on a day that started off a bit cloudy but turned into a scorching summer’s day.  We didn’t have enough time to see everything as we had to leave at 2 pm to get back to school for home time.  I think my favourite bit was the sea lion show. 
The only bit of the trip that didn’t go so well was getting into the coach to go home.  The coach by this time was incredibly hot and stuffy and my son got rather upset with the heat.  Once the coach got moving properly the air conditioning kicked in and everyone cooled down. 
That evening I watched the end of the sunset from an upstairs bedroom window while the children slept peacefully.  The colours were magnificent.  Patches of high cloud were painted with pale yellows and light pinks deepening over time to rich golds, salmon pinks and reds.  Finally deep red-brown clouds were touched with greys against an ever darkening sky.  And throughout this process the pale light of the evening star glimmered between the clouds. 
And today the schools here in Scotland finish for the summer holidays.  Seven weeks before we have to get used to school routines once more.
Tonight I will make an offering to Brigantia, tomorrow is the full moon and I will make my offering to Rigantona. 

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

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