At present I am preparing for journeys, mainly physical and spiritual but with some mental and emotional aspects too.

On Friday 30th April I will be travelling down to North Wales. I will be spending Friday night camping with a group of people some of whom I have met and others who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting face to face. On Saturday we will be going up into the hills and spending the night in a bothy before returning and going our separate ways on Sunday.

Physically the walk to the bothy might be on the strenuous side for me although I might manage it better than I think. I’m not the fittest of people but I know I will be walking with a group of much more experienced walkers who will give me a hand if I need it. I’m also not the most experienced of campers but as long as I can manage to keep my feet warm I should be fine.

Spiritually in the midst of all of this I hope to do a shamanic style journey to visit the Cailleach. This is something I feel very strongly that I need to attempt ideally before the veil shifts into summer completely. I have discussed this online with those that are going to be present and asked for their support in this. I want their support because I am unsure how this attempted journey might go. I might not get anywhere but if I do it is possible that I will come back from it in an emotional state. On the other hand I might come out of it on something of a high! If I am deeply affected by this journey in any way then having the support of people I can trust around me will make it much easier for me deal with any affects. Thankfully I have the support of those that will be there even though I know there are also a few concerns about this. I am very grateful for that support and I hope that once we have a chance to chat about it face to face those with concerns will feel better about what I want to try.

This journey that I hope to undertake is primarily for my own peace of mind but it is also for aspects of my local Pagan community and for the Cailleach herself. I honestly feel that this is something I am being called to do. Although the Cailleach is not a deity to take lightly I don’t believe she will intentionally cause me harm but communication with her can be dramatic. And that brings me to another factor. I have asked for support from others in doing this, it seems only fair that I also ask them if there is anything they would like me to try and do or ask for them during this or another journey even. There might not be anything and even if there is I might not be able to help in any way but I can try.

Mentally and emotionally I have been thinking about these things, trying to prepare for them and getting a bit nervous. I’m nervous about how well I will cope with the physical side of what is planned and I’m a bit nervous about the shamanic style journey I hope to do. I am also getting excited about it all. I’m looking forward to meeting those I have not yet met and I hope we will get along well when we meet face to face. I’m looking forward to spending more time with those I have met before too. There will be more time to talk and get to know each other. There are some others I wish were able to attend, some that I haven’t yet met and others that I have, but I am sure there will be other opportunities in the future.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

5 thoughts on “Journeys”

  1. No, I didn't. I didn't manage to do the bit for Brigantia on Tuesday evening and did that yesterday morning instead (which felt very apt actually) and yesterday evening I did my simple observance for Rigantona. This evening I shall complete my full moon observances with honouring the Cailleach.

    I have been anticipating that more may happen when we are altogether though 🙂


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