Pensive, Reflective, Ruminative

Today has been an odd day.  Work has been fine but other things have got me thinking and musing.

On my favourite forum there is a thread which has become troubling to me.  While realistically I am not the cause of some of the recent comments I feel somehow responsible.  My words have not caused harm directly but they have been used by another as a springboard for further comments.  Some of what has been said is hurtful to others I have a great deal of respect for and yet I think I can also see something of what has caused the person to lash out.  I wish I could think of some way of helping both sides of this to a friendly understanding of each other but I don’t think there is anything I can do.  Some will probably think that I shouldn’t worry about this but I can’t help the way I feel.  Maybe I am reading too much into the situation but it seems to me that there are people hurting over this and I don’t like that.

It was with this in the back of my mind that I went to meet a friend I hadn’t seen for many months for lunch.  It was good to see him but he seemed somehow less that he used to.  I know he has had problems with his health and family stresses but he seemed much less vital than I had expected.

Then this evening as I left work I looked up into the night sky and saw the crescent moon high in the sky.  I thought of another friend who has said he will be honouring Taranis on the third night of the new moon.  He may well have been doing that yesterday evening but to me this evening felt like a very appropriate time for me to remember Taranis.

I feel like I have been standing on a hillside overlooking a valley with storms running through it.  I can see the effects but I can’t do anything about them.  I just have to hope things blow over and that there is not too much damage done.  And my thoughts have turned a full circle once more.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

2 thoughts on “Pensive, Reflective, Ruminative”

  1. I wouldn't worry too much Potia. Even less feel responsible, which you absolutely aren't. After all, a few cross words between internet acquaintances are nothing to the situation in the vast majority of the world's countries. A bit of friction on a forum is not necessarily a bad thing: it's hardly a flame war though.


  2. I was in an odd mood yesterday, it has been an odd week for me. I feel unsettled and some of that came out in what I wrote above. I was very tired and had drunk a glass of wine (not much for some but I have a low tolerance) so some of my moodier thoughts came out.

    These things happen 🙂


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