Expanding the mind

Today I have had my mind wonderfully expanded.  I’ve been looking up the meaning of some words on a blog post.  I believe the words I have been looking up were used as examples of less well known and understood words and I have had fun finding out meanings using the website dictionary.com

So today’s new words for me are:

Zaftig meaning buxom, full bodied or curvaceous.  It is Yiddish according to dictionary.com and derived from the German word saft – juice.  I really like this word so don’t be too surprised if I start using it.

Epithalamium meaning a song or poem in honour of a bridal couple.  Another lovely word although I’m not sure I’ve got the pronounciation right.  I do know that I had one composed by a freind for my own handfasting although I didn’t know that’s what it was until now 🙂

Chryselephantine meaning made of gold and ivory as certain types of ancient Greek sculpture.  Can’t see me using this but it’s nice to know what it means.

Self-abnegation meaning self denial (this one I could guess at but worth looking up to check.)

Shibboleth meaning a password or word that distinguishes one group of people from another.  I’m glad I looked this one up as I thought it had something to do with monsters! 

Many thanks to Bo who posted all these wonderful words and helped me learn a few things today.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

3 thoughts on “Expanding the mind”

  1. Glad you enjoyed them—I learned 'zaftig' last year; it's quite a common American term but very underused here. It describes my friend Mel perfectly!

    Chryselephantine I can never forget cos it was the weirdest word I learnt at school—the monstrous tycoon in Waugh's hilarious 'Scoop' has a statue of himself made in chryselephantine!!

    Bet you you'll now come across at least one of these in the next few days—I always seem to when I learn a new word.

    Sorry again for having such a foot-stamping temper. You've been very patient.


  2. Bo said “Sorry again for having such a foot-stamping temper. You've been very patient.”

    That made me laugh Bo. I just had this image of you throwiing something across the room and then lying on your bed kicking and screaming like my son did at the weekend bless him. Nah – your temper ain't so bad as that! 🙂


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