Looking back, looking forward

For the past few days I have been in a reflective mood. This last year for me has not been the easiest although there have been some high points too.

We have had family deaths, a great uncle I barely know died in December and my grandma died in September.

There have been accidents and illnesses. In February my son ran out into the road and was hit by a car. Fortunately the car was coming to a stop and his injuries were relatively minor but he did get a crack to his pelvic bone. The phone call from the school telling me he had been in an accident was a major shock as I am sure you can imagine. He healed well though and has learnt from the experience. In September my daughter was ill with something flu-like and that was very worrying for a few days but she recovered quickly and has been fine since then.

I performed two weddings in June. Both a delight to do and both quite different ceremonies.

In March I started this blog inspired by the writings of fellow Brython members and others 🙂 In August I got to meet some of those lovely people but there are others I still have not had the pleasure of meeting. Hopefully I will get to meet more of them next year and indeed see some of those I have already met again.

I’ve had a couple of profound spiritual experiences this last year too which have provoked a great deal of thought, some reading and a few conversations about ritual uses of trance.

I am able to stay calmer when my son gets upset over this last year and I’ve learnt to be able to explain things to him in ways that make sense to him. I don’t always get it it right but together we are improving.

My little Rosebud is growing fast and now chatting and singing very well. She loves bouncing, running around, and playing with her big brother “Bub”. She now gives out hugs and kisses and has a very cute giggle.

Work has been mixed too but not as stressful as it has been in previous years.

Oh and I’ve also recently started learning Gaelic – just the basics so far but it’s a start.

So many things could have been so much worse this year. My children are safe, healthy and happy. My parents do suffer from assorted health issues but on the whole they are well. And other members of the family are also mostly well, safe and generally happy.

A mixed year but on the whole I feel I have been very lucky.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

2 thoughts on “Looking back, looking forward”

  1. Scots Gaelic. Free lessons at the University of Glasgow for staff and students. It's a new thing due to the work of the new Gaelic officer.

    Interestingly I've also discovered that Glasgow City Council now offers free Scots Gaelic lessons for residents of Glasgow.


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