My beliefs – web of connection

I find it very difficult to explain in writing what I do believe but I am going to try.

Some years ago now I had what would best be called a vision while meditating to some music. In that vision I felt myself to be at the centre of all things with threads of golden light reaching out from me and flowing to me. Some of these threads moved in a straight line and others spiraled forming a web with me at the centre. At each point that the threads crossed each other was something like a flame and the more threads crossed at any point, the brighter the flame. This vision then changed in perspective and instead of being at the centre I was suddenly containing this web within me. I was both at it’s centre and holding it within me.

To me each of these threads symbolises an interaction with another life and each flame an individual being. The more I interact with a particular being the stronger that thread becomes and the more powerful an individual the stronger the light of the flame to my senses.

At a later date I had a follow on vision from this where I could, for want of a better term, zoom in and out with my perceptions of this web. As I normally see it you and I would be flames, more powerful spirits larger flames and gods would seem like a bonfire but a blade of grass or an insect would not really be visible excepts as a general background glow. When I altered my perception and zoomed in each blade of grass became a flame and you and I like bonfires with gods being like suns. Zooming out past my usual vision saw the gods as flames and us as the background glow.

In my normal vision of the web the gods are bonfires or even brighter, like stars. Just like people they can vary in strength of presence, just like us and every other species in this world, they are unique yet interconnected. How they come to be as bright as they are I’m not sure but part of it I think is the sheer number of threads flowing through that nexus point.

These vision experiences were both brief moments but for me incredibly profound. What has become more important to me are my interactions with that web, the threads of light connecting all things and yet allowing individuality and uniqueness within that web.

I see all existence as a web. I see individual beings as a point where threads meet and cross. I see interactions as the individual threads of the web.

Author: potiapitchford

Autistic mother with autistic kids. Hearth Druid and Heathen

4 thoughts on “My beliefs – web of connection”

  1. Beautiful visions Potia. It’s important to keep such things at the centre of our spiritual life, for whatever else we can come up with in terms of research and shared knowledge, personal experience must be the core.


  2. I think what Heron says is certainly true. We can speak about the concept of 'Wyrd' being a Norse thing, but if a vision like that comes to someone Brythonic out of the land or their connections with the gods and you were to call that web you saw something… And if other people working in a Brythonic context saw something similar (which I have on an occassion, though it looked a bit different)and it was decided to call it something, this would be a new (maybe old reclaimed?) Brythonic theological principle. At least this is how I see it. Thank you for sharing this as well, I might have to start getting a bit less private and post some of my own experiences 🙂


  3. It's not always easy to share things like this but worth trying sometimes. How else do we find out if others have had similar experiences if we don't try and share our own?


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